Bi'al Murabaha product stipulation Car financing for companies and businesses

To obtain financing from the Islamic banking department, the customer must submit the following documents and agree to the following conditions:


1: The customer's age should not be less than 18 years and not more than 60 years

2: Inexistence of customer debt from other institutions (banks and financial institutions)

3: Two years of work experience and at least 12 months in the current job and business. 2 years of work experience

4: The service period of the guarantors of the government employees should not be less than 5 years, if there is no real estate guarantee, but if the pension rights of the guarantors meet the total financing amount, even if their service period is less than 5 years, it is acceptable to the bank.

5: The client's current residence address must be officially confirmed by the relevant district attorney.

6: The financing period is maximum 5 years and based on the approval of the committee.

7: 30% of the customer's business income is acceptable, with the necessary documents, the minimum monthly income of the customer must be 25,000 Afghani or 350 US dollars.

8: 7% annual provision rate based on fixed rate

9: The implementation of financing is based on the guarantee of retirement of government employees and the full commitment of the administration in front of financing

10: The amount of (500) Afghani is charged for checking the indebtedness (PCR of the customer and guarantors).

11: During the delivery of the information request form, the customer must have the original ID card and the guarantors with him and at the same time open an account with the general management.

12: The maximum amount of financing is 3,000 - 50,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Afghani.

13: Cash guarantee (10)% is collected from customers

14: Financial guarantee by two civil and official government employees who have the ability to repay the installments and their pensions will satisfy the fund collection is a basic condition.

15: Up to 10,000 American dollars, guaranteeing the pension rights of two government employees and more than 10,000 to 30,000 American dollars or its equivalent in Afghani, guaranteeing a religious/Sharia deed to take care of the property in the area by obtaining two government, private guarantors or a guarantee company. Money is charged, financing more than 30,000 US dollars, the property must be under the guarantee of the bank in the form of a fair sale.

16: The income of family members, spouse and children can be measured in income together