Bi'al Murabaha Car Financing Requirements

To obtain financing from the Islamic banking department, the customer must submit the following documents and agree to the following conditions:


  • The customer's age should not be less than 18 years and not more than 60 years
  • Customers requires to provide NOC of no debt from other institutions (banks and financial institutions)
  • Two years of work experience and at least 12 months in the current job and business.
  • Customer requires to provide gold or register title deed as guarantee against requested facility.
  • The client's current residence address must be officially confirmed by the relevant district attorney.
  • The financing period is maximum 5 years and based on the approval of the committee.
  • Bank is able to finance up to 40% of customer monthly salary or net income, the minimum salary is 18,000 AFN or USD 300$.
  • Annual profit rate is 7% based on fixed rate
  • The amount of (300) AFN is charged on customer for checking the PCR of the (Customer and Guarantors).
  • Customer requires to bring all necessary documents including official referrer letter, ID card, Tazkera, copy of title deed, photo and response any inquiry letter when requested. 
  • The maximum amount of financing is 3,000 - 50,000 US dollars or its equivalent in AFN.
  • Cash guarantee (10) % is collected from customers during purchasing of the commodity
  • Financial guarantee by two civil and official government employees who have the ability to repay the installments and their pensions will satisfy the fund collection is a basic condition.
  • The income of family members, spouse and children can be considered if official supported and proven.