Mudarabaha Saving Deposit Account (for individuals):

Mudarabah is Profit-Sharing partnership contract between a capital provider (Rab-ul-Mal) and a Mudarib (Fund Manager) in a joint Investment contract. The contract is signed between the bank and the customer/investor (Rab-ul-mal) according to Islamic Sharia rules.
The money from these accounts will be invested in economic projects to generate profit and the profit will be distributed among all the Mudarabah saving account holders and bank based on the agreed ratio.
This account is not for the fixed duration, and the account holder can deposit and withdraw their money at any time.
Mudarabah Saving Deposit is only opened for individuals.
Minimum balance for opening this account is 500 AFN - 10 USD.

Required Documents:
1: Original Identity Card or Passport.
2: ID card of the employees (only for employees).
3: Self-employed people should provide the license.
4: TIN number of the customer.
5: And the proof of the present address of the customer.
6: Proof of source of income (employee contract).