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Risk Management is a discipline at the core of every financial institution and encompasses all the activities that affect its risk profile. It involves identification, measurement, monitoring and controlling risks to ensure that:
a.    The individuals who take or manage risks clearly understand it
b.    The Bank's Risk exposure is within the limits established by Board of Supervisors
c.    Risk taking decisions are in line with the business strategy and objectives set by BOS
d.    The expected payoffs compensate for the risks taken
e.    Risk taking decisions are explicit and clear.
f.    Sufficient capital as a buffer is available to take risk
g.    Risk management function remains independent of risk taking function
Bank e Millie Afghan (BMA) risk strategy shall set the direction for various risk taking activities in order to achieve its business objectives. It shall also define the extent to which undesired risks need to be mitigated or avoided. The Risk Strategy at BMA shall be part of Business strategy, aligned with its strategic goals. To meet the objectives of risk strategy, the Bank shall envisage an approach comprising of Risk Awareness Culture, Risk Governance Structure, Risk Management procedure & policy, Risk Review of Business decision and oversight of Internal Audit Department. 
The BMA’s risk management approach shall at all times be strengthened by an integrated risk management structure. This structure shall be represented by following three lines of defense in order to ensure that the risks are managed effectively on an entity level.
1st Line of Defense: All Business Units, Credit Committee, ALCO committee 
2nd Line of Defense: Board Risk Committee (BRC), Senior Management Board Committee, Risk Management Department and Compliance Department. 
3rd Line of Defense: Board Audit Committee and Internal Audit Department 

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