Ahmad Javed Wafa

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Ahmad Javed Wafa was appointed as CEO of BMA after successfully attaining the approval of board of supervisors and Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB). He has formally joined the bank on 21 December 2015 after being officially introduced to the bank. Mr. Wafa is a professional economist and banker who has previously worked as, Director Economic and Strategic Planning at the Administrative Office of the President, Executive Director at Afghanistan Banks Association, Chief Risk Officer at Bank e Millie Afghan (BMA), Deputy Director General Research Monetary and Fiscal Sector & Senior Analyst External Sector at Monetary Policy Department with Da Afghanistan Bank and National Economic Specialist, Afghanistan Sub-national Governance Program (ASGP) with UNDP. During his professional career as a senior economist and banker in various capacities, he has had substantial contributions to financial and monetary stability of the Afghanistan economy, his contributions to monetary stability during years 2009-2011 were remarkable. Mr. Wafa completed bachelor degree in economics from international Islamic university in 2008 and joined National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo, Japan in 2011 where he successfully completed master in public policy with concentration in economic policy in 2012, after completing his master degree he has started working with the commercial banking sector, during his tenure as Executive Director at Afghanistan banking association, he has implemented strategic plan for the flourishing future of ABA and strengthen coordination among commercial banks and commercial banks with DAB and ministry of finance, Mr. Wafa was able to successfully bring stability to the ABA operations and attain confidence of members, donors and other stakeholders. During his short tenure as Director Economic and Strategic Planning at the Administrative Office of the President, he had significant role in improving 100 days strategic planning of ministries by holding seminars & meetings, he had substantial contributions in solving the issues faced by ministries in the implementation of development projects, Mr. Wafa participated in WTO final working party negotiations, and had great impact in improving the overall capacity of the directorate. Mr. Wafa has authored several papers and articles on various national and international issues related to banking sector, monetary policy, fiscal policy and international trade. Mr. Wafa is a committed professional who has strong communicating and negotiating skills, he has attended several seminars, conferences and meetings on national and international platform where he represented his country in the best possible manner.

Muhibullah Amini

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Muhibullah Amini,Chief Finance Officer, Bank-e-Millie Afghan Mr. Muhibullah Amini is a professional banker, accountant and financial analyst who has previously worked with Da Afghanistan Bank as senior financial risk manager, deputy director risk management department and deputy general director PCR, Mr. Amini joined BMA in 2010 in the capacity of deputy chief internal auditor who was promoted to the Chief Internal Auditor in 2011, he currently serves as Chief Finance Officer of BMA, in addition to serving BMA he is a part time lecturer in university for the past 8 years, delivering lectures on banking, finance, accounting and economics subjects. Mr. Amini has successfully completed Master of Science in Economics and Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Economics from international Islamic university Islamabad and has attended several seminars, trainings and conferences domestically and abroad on banking, financial management, auditing, risk management, fraud detection and management, banking supervision and etc

MR.Waheedullah Hakimi

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Waheedullah Hakimi is presently working as Deputy and Acting Chief Credit Officer of Bank-e-Millie Afghan. Hakimi got his Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Kabul University in 2002 then he started his professional career with Bank-e-Millie Afghan and worked in different departments as Deputy Director of Accounting, Secretary of Board of supervisors and Chief Operations Officer till September 2008.  

Hakimi did his Associate Degree in Business Administration Management in Berkeley College, New York, USA from September 2008 to March 2010.

After returning from USA Hakimi worked as Head of Credit in Bank-e-Millie Afghan from April 2010 to April 2016 then he was appointed as Deputy Chief Credit Officer.

Beside his professional work with Bank-e-Millie Afghan Hakimi voluntarily worked as Instructor in Economics Faculty of Kabul University in 2005.

He attended banking and management training courses in Turkey and India as well.


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Mr. Zainullah Hassany has a broad experience in central and commercial banking. Mr. Hassany is Chief Operations Officer (COO) of BMA and  Mr. Hassany holds his bachelor's in Economics from Islamic University for Science & Technology. Mr. Hassany worked as Deputy & Acting Chief Operation Officer during July, 2009-May 2014 with BMA, Islamic Banking advisor to the CEO of BMA during April-July, 2009, General Counsel and Corporate Governance Office at Da Afghanistan Bank during July 2005 to March 2009 ,Logistic and Procurement Officer with United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) Kabul, Afghanistan from December, 2004 to July 2005, Field Supervisor with Organization for Mine Clearance and Afghan Rehabilitation (OMAR) during June, 1999- December, 2004.

He has attended advanced training courses and seminars on Anti Corruption in UAE, Exchange Program and Economics Growth in Indonesia , Legal framework for the banks problems in Singapore, International Islamic Banking Seminar in Iran , Legal framework for the banks on job training at State bank of Pakistan (SBP), at Pakistan, Management and Evaluation Seminar and Problem Solving Course at DAB, Kabul, Afghanistan. 

Mr.Afzal Mahmood

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